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QBS allows DSV-1 and DSV-2 users to switch between eyepieces and accessories of very
different weight without having to reposition the optical tube on the mount, while maintaining the
telescope balanced on the altitude axis at all pointing angles. QBS units are CNC machined from
6061 Aluminum, with knurled knobs for tool-less adjustment and Stainless Steel balancing weights
& hardware.

QBS consists of a mount adapter, adjustment plate, adjustable track and balancing weight. The
track runs from the eyepiece side to the objective lens side of the altitude axis.
This is a key
feature, because it results in less sensitivity to large EP’s, less tripod clearance requirement and
less change in eyepiece height when slewing the scope on the altitude axis.
The angle of the track
with respect to the altitude axis is adjusted by sliding it on the slots of the adjustment plate. This
allows setting a balance profile for the particular telescope/eyepiece set combination you are using
with the mount. Once the balance profile has been established, the balancing point for each EP in
your set can be identified by installing each EP and sliding the weight until the mount is balanced.
To make the QBS even more user-friendly, each unit includes a strip of Velcro and 6 Velcro dots
to identify the balancing position of the different EPs in your set. The dots glow in the dark to allow
easy adjustment at night. After the QBS has been setup, simply slide the weight to the pre-marked
spots to balance the mount for the different EPs in your set.

QBS can be used with all configurations of the DSV-1 mounts: single dovetail clamp (via a
mounting ring attached to the handle side), double clamp/single scope (via a short dovetail
adapter attached to either dovetail clamp) and double clamp/two scopes (by attaching the QBS
adjustment plate directly to the top side of one of the telescopes mounting rings or clamshell. As a
side benefit, QBS also helps balancing the mount on the azimuth axis.

QBS enables the already highly-rated DSV-1 to handle a wider range of eyepieces and
accessories while maintaining perfect altitude axis balance; in practical terms, A QBS-equipped
DSV-1 can handle a typical 80mm f/7 refractor with eyepieces ranging from short focal lengths to a
massive 2 inch 41mm Panoptic (or a 35mm Pan in a 102mm scope) without having to reposition
the optical tube. For larger scopes and/or heavier accessories, optional add-on balancing weights
are available.

Adjustment plate and balancing weight track are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum  
2" diameter, 1.5 lb Stainless Steel weight.
Knurled Aluminum knobs for tool-less adjustment.
Includes mount adapter (short dovetail bar for double clamp mounts or mounting ring for single
clamp mounts)

Included with DSV-2 mount
$120.00 + 12.00 shipping when ordered with a new DSV-1 mount.
$140.00 + 12.00 shipping when ordered separately